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Science Backs Acupuncture for Headaches, Migraines

2022-01-24T06:29:29-05:00September 20, 2021|Categories: NJ Acupuncture Info, NJ Pain Management, Oakland Spine News|Tags: , , , |

Acupuncture dates back some 3,000 years in China, which gets the credit for originating the treatment of the needles. Over the course of many centuries, the western world ...
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Massage a Possible Solution for Migraines?

2022-01-24T06:29:34-05:00October 9, 2020|Categories: NJ Massage, NJ Migraines and Headaches Info, Oakland Spine News|Tags: , , |

There is a certain degree of mystery about what causes migraine headaches, with its pain levels ranging from “throbbing moderate” to severe— or from bad to worse. It ...
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Weekly Health Update—Chiropractic: Used by Severe Migraine Sufferers.

2020-05-06T14:44:11-04:00March 10, 2014|Categories: NJ Health and Wellness|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Mental Attitude: The Invisible Risk Group.Researchers studied 12,395 European teenagers ages 14-16 to identify which risky behaviors were linked to depression, anxiety, conduct problems, and self-destructive behaviors. Risky ...
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