Conditions We Treat

NJ Asthma Treatment-Bergen/Passaic County: New Jersey


Inflammation and obstruction of the airways to the lungs

NJ Fibromyalgia Treatment-Bergen/Passaic County


Often chronic muscle and joint pain, fatigue, dizziness, more

NJ Herniated Disc Treatment - Bergen/Passaic County

Herniated Disc

Causing pain in the lower back, often pressing on spinal nerves

NJ Neck Pain Treatment-Bergen/Passaic County New Jersey

Neck Pain

Can be caused by a number of conditions, including whiplash and muscle tension

NJ Neuropathy treatment - Bergen/Passaic County


Problem of the peripheral nervous system causing multiple symptoms

NJ Pinched Nerve Treatment -Bergen/Passaic County

Pinched Nerve

Numbness and tingling from nerves that are irritated, inflamed or damaged

NJ Sciatica Treatment-Bergen/Passaic County: New Jersey


Compression of the sciatic nerve from the lower spine and traveling down one or both legs

NJ Spinal Stenosis Treatment - Bergen/Passaic County

Spinal Stenosis

Slowly worsening back pain caused by narrowing of spaces designed to absorb shock to the spine

NJ Sports Injury Treatment - Bergen/Passaic County

Sports Injuries

Injuries common to knee and ankle, rotator cuff, tendons and ligaments

NJ Tendonitis Treatment - Bergen/Passaic County


Overused and damaged tendon causing aching, warmth, redness and pain