Weekly Health Update — Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Case Study.

By Published On: July 21, 2014Categories: NJ Health and Wellness

Chiropractic: Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Case Study.
A patient with shoulder impingement syndrome underwent chiropractic treatment that included soft tissue therapy, phonophoresis, manipulation, and shoulder exercises. At the end of treatment, the patient was symptom-free with a return to normal of shoulder range of motion and daily activities, including sports-related activities. This case report shows the potential benefit of chiropractic care in resolving symptoms associated with shoulder impingement syndrome.
Journal of Physiological Therapeutics, November 2014

Mental Attitude: Learning A Second Language Slows Cognitive Decline.
New research suggests that speaking more than one language may slow down age-related cognitive decline, even if the second language is learned during adulthood. Research leader Dr. Thomas Bak writes, "These findings are of considerable practical relevance. Millions of people around the world acquire their second language later in life. Our study shows that bilingualism, even when acquired in adulthood, may benefit the aging brain."
Annals of Neurology, June 2014

Health Alert: Smoking & Passive Smoking Cause Hearing Loss.
Smokers are 15.1% more likely to develop hearing loss compared with non-smokers and passive smokers (those regularly exposed to second-hand smoke). Moreover, passive smokers were found to be 28% more likely to develop hearing loss than non-smokers. Lead researcher Dr. Piers Dawes adds, "We are not sure if toxins in tobacco smoke affect hearing directly, or whether smoking-related cardiovascular disease causes microvascular changes that impact on hearing, or both."
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, May 2014

Diet: Green Tea Component Disrupts Cancer Cell Metabolism.
Researchers have discovered how an active component of green tea called epigallocatechen gallate (EGCG) disrupts the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells. They found that ECGC suppresses the expression of lactate dehydrogenase A, a critical enzyme in cancer cell metabolism. This finding adds to numerous previous studies that have suggested green tea and its extracts may provide suitable treatment for cancer.
Metabolomics, April 2014

Exercise: Quality of Exercise More Important Than Quantity.
Scientists say that to lose weight and maintain optimal health and fitness, the quality of your exercise routine matters more than quantity. This new study suggests greater benefits can be attained from a multi-dimensional exercise program that includes resistance exercise, interval sprint exercise, stretching, and endurance exercise.
Journal of Applied Physiology, May 2014

Wellness/Prevention: Hospital Drops Obstetric Malpractice Claims By 50%!
With a rise in malpractice lawsuits pushing many doctors out of practice and deterring young doctors from pursuing obstetrics, a Connecticut hospital initiated a series of changes to help curb malpractice claims. By standardizing care, learning and practicing new teamwork protocols, and enhancing oversight of clinical work, the hospital reduced claims by 50% and cut payments for liability claims from $50 million to $3 million.
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, June 2014