For more than 15 years, Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy has been providing the Oakland, NJ community with new technology and traditional non-surgical methods to treat neck and back pain.

Pain is commonly treated with cortisone/epidural steroid injections and/or prescription pain medications. Those quick fixes can sometimes lead to more pain and, in some cases, drug addiction. But at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy you can find fast, soothing relief with non-invasive, drug-free treatments for chronic and acute pain.

The Butler Spine Program treats your pain without dangerous medications or painful, invasive procedures. When used together, our unique combination of Class IV Deep Tissue Laser, non-surgical spinal disc decompression, neuromuscular re-education, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments provide safe, rapid, non-invasive pain relief.

Conditions we treat include:

No Surgery. No Drugs. Just Relief.

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