I was diagnosed with three bulging cervical spine discs and bone spurs in the accompanying joints. I was being treated with three percocets a day and two intramuscular injections every six weeks. Two epidurals in the neck had no effect. I was in constant pain each day and night. After 12 weeks of treatment at Oakland Spine, I have not needed one injection and no longer take pain medications!

I began treatment at Oakland Spine hoping their program that included spinal decompression would postpone or cancel the complex and costly neck surgery that was going to be scheduled for early 2013. At this writing I am almost pain free. I have cancelled the pending surgery and can finally get through the day without pain pills. Dr. Butler and his staff could not be nicer! Their personal level of service and friendly dispositions makes treatment sessions a pleasure and not a chore. I have high expectations that upon completion of my treatment, the neck pains I suffered with for almost 10 years will be over for good!!!