Weekly Health Update—Chiropractic: Improved Motion

By Published On: April 8, 2014Categories: Oakland Spine News

Mental Attitude: Mentally Ill More Often Victims of Violence.
According to a new report, mentally ill adults 50% more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence. Study author Dr. Sarah Desmarais writes, “We hear about the link between violence and mental illness in the news, and we wanted to look not only at the notion that the mentally ill are a danger to others, but the possibility that they are also in danger.”
American Journal of Public Health, February 2014

Health Alert: People with Sleep Apnea at Higher Risk for Pneumonia.
Researchers followed 34,000 patients (7,000 with sleep apnea and 27,000 without sleep apnea) for eleven years and compared the occurrence of pneumonia in each group. They discovered individuals with sleep apnea have a 20% greater risk for pneumonia than those without sleep apnea.
Canadian Medical Association Journal, March 2014

Diet: Students Eating More Fruits & Vegetables.
New research suggests that the updated 2012 guidelines for school lunches have resulted in increased fruit and vegetable consumption by lower-income students. Researchers report that in the school year following the adoption of the 2012 guidelines, fruit consumption increased 23% while vegetable intake increased 16%. Lead researcher Dr. Juliana Cohen adds, “There is a push from some organizations and lawmakers to weaken the new standards. We hope the findings, which show that students are consuming more fruits and vegetables, will discourage those efforts.”
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, March 2014

Exercise: Yoga Good for Breast Cancer Patients.
Breast cancer patients undergoing radiation may benefit from yoga. Investigators found a sharp decline in cortisol levels among breast cancer patients who practiced yoga. Cortisol is a stress hormone and increased cortisol levels are associated with worse breast cancer outcomes. The study suggests that practicing yoga helps to regulate cortisol levels. Lead author Dr. Lorenzo Cohen explains, “Combining mind and body practices that are part of yoga clearly have tremendous potential to help patients manage the psychosocial and physical difficulties associated with treatment and life after cancer, beyond the benefits of simple stretching.”
Journal of Clinical Oncology, March 2014

Chiropractic: Improved Motion.
Compared with both supervised exercise and a home exercise self-care program, spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractor resulted in the greatest improvements in spinal motion among back pain sufferers.
The Spine Journal, March 2014

Wellness/Prevention: High Vitamin D Levels May Improve Breast Cancer Survival.
A new study suggests that breast cancer patients who have higher blood levels of vitamin D are twice as likely to survive the disease compared to patients with lower blood levels of vitamin D. Researchers found that breast cancer patients in the United States have an average blood level of vitamin D of 17 ng/ml. Based on their findings, patients with breast cancer may benefit from having vitamin D blood concentrations measured and adjusted to within a normal range of 30-80 ng/ml. Study co-author Dr. Heather Hofflich adds, “The study has implications for including vitamin D as an adjuvant to conventional breast cancer therapy.”
Anticancer Research, March 2014