Healing from Within

By Published On: April 20, 2016Categories: NJ Chiropractic Info

Letter from the Editor

I grew up in the time when it was believed that healing came from outside in modalities. Drugs, surgery, and new procedures were abound and with them came a mentality that they healed us, they made us well. Authorities of this time recommended removing “useless organs” such as tonsils and appendix. Mothers heeded advice not to breastfeed, to give birth in a technological rather than natural environment to force toilet training and to sleep separate from their children. It was the emerging age of antibiotics and vaccinations as cure alls. This authority was represented as “science” and certainly the decisions made were not questioned. Basically this emerging monopoly of health care, called mechanism, was fear based and directed our belief in healing to come from outside sources. Our unconditional acceptance for this authority was rooted as deeply into our beliefs of health as it was embedded in our rules of child rearing. “Speak when spoken to.” “Children are better seen and not heard.” “Do it because I said so.” Our trust for healing became disempowering, focused outside of ourselves and in the hands of this rapidly emerging authoritative “health” monopoly. It was an easy sell because we had been raised to comply.

Unbeknownst to me, there was another whole paradigm of healing. It was being actively downplayed by the now dominant, mechanistic monopoly. I was fortunate enough in my late teens to sustain injuries to my spine that were to change my life and perspectives on all levels. After the injury, the mechanistic authorities of the time told me that I would always be in pain and that I would never fully regain my previous function. I was distraught, scared and feeling quite abandoned. Something inside of me, however could not accept the prognosis. Through a friend, I was led to the office of a chiropractor.

On my first visit, he explained the existence of an innate power to heal. He told me how this intelligence utilizes the nerve system to control all of my body’s systems and functions and how proper nerve system function enhances healing and regeneration. Still stuck in the mechanistic model I had grown up with, combined with my impatience to feel better, I did not really absorb his words. I responded with a skeptical and limited reply, “please- just fix the back.”

Three months into care, my back was better and many other ailments I had experienced since childhood were also resolved. Nothing had changed in my life except for the chiropractic adjustments and my growing understanding of its vitalistic philosophy of healing. The science of chiropractic teaches us that the nerve system plays a major role in all aspects of health. Interference to nerve system function caused by physical, emotional or chemical stresses could affect our ability to adapt and be well. Chiropractic adjustments reduce nerve system stress. Therefore, to facilitate healing in the body, step one is to regain nerve system function.

The vitalistic chiropractic philosophy emphasizes the workings of a greater inner wisdom that not only creates us, it is continuously evolving us into a state of wholeness. Using the nerve system as its means of communication and expression, this wisdom is in constant connection with all body systems and functions. My hope and trust in healing changed from depending on an outside, fear based limited source to expecting healing from an inside, boundless supply. I now knew that my body had an innate intelligence with an amazing ability to adapt, heal and regenerate. My trust in the power of this intelligence was not merely a change of my perspective, it became a complete shift in my consciousness affecting all decisions and directions in my life.

We are now seeing a huge change in society’s perspectives of health and well-being. Off-label, unsafe drugs, unnecessary surgeries and procedures, are now being routinely exposed by the press. Documentaries about poor health care and technological birthing procedures are other means where the media is pointing out a failing system. Not only is “unquestioned authority” being questioned, the practices that were sustained by that hierarchy are being proven scientifically invalid, as well. Not a week goes by where the mechanistic model of treatment isn’t criticized. Finally, the foundation of this former monopoly is being shaken.

As the former systems of health are being dismantled it is important that we reground our beliefs in valid scientific evidence so we can truly move forward. Today’s leading edge science is confirming the vitalistic philosophy leading us to recognize and trust in our inner wisdom. Organizations such as Noetic Sciences and sought out authors such as Bruce Lipton PhD, Greg Braden, PhD, Candace Pert PhD, Dawson Church, PhD, Joe Dispenza, DC, Lynn Taggart PhD, are all involved in scientific projects and research that are substantiating the existence of this inborn intelligence. Even more profound is the research findings emphasizing the importance of our recognition, respect and belief in this intelligence in the process of healing and wholeness.

In this time of transition, it is important to realize as we shift our perspectives our whole state of consciousness is evolving as well. It is an exciting time and my hope is that the resources and articles in Pathways magazine offer us a smoother and fruitful transformation.

Many Blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC.

Dr. Jeanne Ohm is also the Executive Editor of Pathways magazine, a quarterly publication offering resources for parents to make informed health care choices.