Freedom to Choose Health Care

By Published On: December 16, 2015Categories: NJ Health and Wellness

Letter from the Editor

In the western world, we pride ourselves on our freedom and ability to make choices in our lives. We can carefully evaluate many options in our lives and choose accordingly. Perhaps our greatest freedom (although not exercised by many) is our freedom to make choices that will affect our lives and our families’ lives for years to come.

As early as preconception, the choices we make for our own health and well-being affect the future lives and health of our children. The physical, emotional and chemical stresses we are subjected to have their effects on a cellular level and may very well impair normal function. It is our responsibility from the moment we are given these options to make choices that lead ourselves towards a more balanced lifestyle.

As parents, it is our right and responsibility to find out the many options available when it comes to choosing providers. We can solicit supportive health care providers who seek to give us valuable information and who empower us with the knowledge to make informed health care choices for our families.

In my 28 years in chiropractic I have discovered that unlike practitioners in any other profession, Doctors of Chiropractic are an incredible resource of information for family wellness care. Had it not been for an amazing support team of chiropractors, I may have never known or chosen natural birthing, bonding, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and natural healing.

In chiropractic I discovered very basic, vitalistic principles like the body is an incredible self-healing organism that is governed by an intelligence that really knows what it is doing. I learned to trust the body’s ability to function and I learned that I could make choices to enhance my ability to function better. This knowledge gave me the strength as a parent to make decisions that supported my children’s potential to be well. These concepts in practice are referred to as the “chiropractic wellness lifestyle.”
Pathways was started as another means of bringing to light the knowledge we need as parents to choose wisely for our children’s on-going health and well-being. Please share this knowledge with friends and family and allow them their freedom and right to choose.

Many Blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC

Dr. Jeanne Ohm is also the Executive Editor of Pathways magazine, a quarterly publication offering resources for parents to make informed health care choices.