Condition of the Month : Colds & Flu

By Published On: January 11, 2013Categories: NJ Acupuncture Info

When it comes to Colds and Flu this year the best offense is a great defense. Every year around this time millions of Americans suffer from colds and flu and they don't know what to do. Well it turns out the latest and greatest medications never work.

Even the Flu Vaccine is highly questionable. The top Flu Researcher at the FDA reported: "There is nothing based upon either epidemiology or controlled experiments, to show that the influenza vaccine yields a benefit toward the recipient." Further, many respected researchers around the world have claimed that the Flu Vaccine GREATLY increases your risk of developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Dementia. So what they are saying is not only does it not work, but you risk far greater diseases if you take the shot.

So lets put logic to work here. During this time of year there are many different stressors that are at work: seasons are changing, schedules are changing, schools and sports are back in session – in other words there is a boat load of stress.

Typically, when we have more time demands we tend to neglect what we need -resulting in a "double negative" of more stress and less care. Stresses come in different forms, but they all have one thing in common – they RUN DOWN the nervous system and it's the NERVOUS SYSTEM that controls the immune system. So what do you need to know???

Don't neglect yourself. As a matter of fact, instead of getting less care during this time of the year, we suggest you get EXTRA CARE. Come in for EXTRA adjustments to boost your nervous system, EXTRA massage therapy to boost your lymphatic and immune system, and EXTRA acupuncture to balance all the systems in your body!! Just a word of advice from the office that cares about more then just your spine!!