Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle

By Published On: February 17, 2016Categories: NJ Health and Wellness

Letter from the Editor

As more parents are realizing the real benefits of chiropractic care, they are coming to our offices seeking wellness chiropractic care for their families. In other words, parents are looking for family health care even before their children have any symptoms or conditions. They are realizing that working to compliment the body’s natural abilities for health before symptoms appear makes sense and is cost effective as well.

The nervous system controls all of the body’s systems and functions. Any interference to its ability to perform can affect our health and well-being. chiropractic care works specifically to alleviate stress to the nervous system that is caused by spinal and cranial misalignments. The body’s ability to function optimally is maximized.

In Pathways, we refer to the Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle. This of course includes regular chiropractic check ups for all members of your family to keep their nerve systems free of interference from spinal and cranial misalignment. The Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle, however advances beyond the chiropractic adjustment and includes choices we make as parents to reduce overall stress to our nervous systems and enhance better body function.

Most doctors of chiropractic will offer their patients postural and structural guidelines helping this process. How we sit, how we move our bodies, activities we involve ourselves in are all relevant to maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. It becomes relatively easy for us to relate to the many daily physical activities we undergo that may cause nerve system stress.

Less obvious are the chemical and emotional stresses we are subjected to since conception that affect nerve system function and development and therefore our health and well-being. Our articles in Pathways are selected to inform parents about the many approaches and choices we have for our families. Our regular topics address family lifestyle issues presenting perspectives and options that are supportive of wellness. In this issue we look closely at co-sleeping, a custom not so easily practiced and accepted in our western society. Yet clearly, when reading the feature article, we see the practice of co-sleeping is normal, healthy and advantageous for the child’s developing nerve system function.

Achieving health for our families is accomplished daily through the many choices we make. These choices begin as early as conception, continue throughout pregnancy, birth and childhood. Each choice we make as parents affects our children’s health. It is our hope that Pathways guides you with perspectives consistent with the Chiropractic Family Wellness Lifestyle.

Many Blessings,
Jeanne Ohm, DC.

Dr. Jeanne Ohm is also the Executive Editor of Pathways magazine, a quarterly publication offering resources for parents to make informed health care choices.