What Type Of Pain Is Chiropractic Care Most Successful In Treating?

Pain isn’t just an isolated feeling in your body. If you suffer from chronic pain, which is pain that lasts longer than three months, then you know how it can affect your entire life. From hobbies and activities that you no longer can enjoy to pain putting a barrier between you and daily life, work, and relationships. That’s why you’re probably searching for a solution that will provide that much needed relief, the kind that gives you back your life. Imagine for a moment being your old self again, being fully present for family moments, relaxing without breathing through the pain, and sleeping the entire night without the interruption of constant discomfort.

Chiropractic care can help with a variety of conditions, however it may be most widely known for its ability to address pain and the underlying conditions that cause it. Here at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, we have the pleasure of regularly seeing patients regain their lives after finding relief from their chronic pain thanks to chiropractic care that they receive at one of our four North Jersey locations. If you live in northern New Jersey, consider visiting one of our four convenient locations in Closter, Fair Lawn, Wayne and Oakland.

You may be wondering how chiropractic care treats pain and what types of pain can be successfully treated. If you’ve never visited a chiropractor, you may have questions about how this therapy can help relieve pain, so let’s explore some of the most common pain issues that we see patients experiencing and how chiropractic care can provide relief.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Reduce Back Pain

Chiropractic care focuses on addressing imbalances in the body, many of which originate in the spinal column. Since chiropractors already prioritize spinal health and the proper alignment of the spine, this type of care is especially appropriate for addressing back pain. One of the treatments that chiropractors routinely provide to patients are spinal adjustments, which uses manual movements to realign joints in the spine. A chiropractic alignment can be particularly helpful in relieving lower back pain.

But it’s not just special adjustments that chiropractors use to relieve back pain. In fact, chiropractors take a holistic view of each patient on an individual basis to address the best course of treatment. At Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, our Butler Spine Program addresses a range of issues that cause back pain, from herniated discs and stenosis to spinal degeneration. Here, chiropractors use state-of-the-art therapeutic lasers to stimulate the body’s own healing process. This is a safe and non-invasive option for patients who don’t want to undergo risky surgery or take potentially addictive pain medications.

Chiropractic Care Can Improve Neck Pain

The spine and the neck are of course physically connected, but this connection can mean that misalignments in the spine can trigger pain in the neck. Beyond misalignments, there are also lifestyle variables which can contribute to neck pain, such as sitting at a desk for extended periods of time and carrying the tension of stress in these muscles.

Chiropractors use a number of therapies to address neck pain. Spine and neck adjustments can help to resolve misalignments that cause joints to move improperly and cause inflammation. By improving the function of these joints and the nerves around them, chiropractors can reduce neck pain and improve the function of these joints.

Find Relief from Chronic Headaches and Migraines with the Help of Chiropractic Care

Did you know that sometimes the area of your body that’s in pain might not be the area that is actually causing the pain. It seems counterintuitive, but headaches can often be caused by neck strain or spinal misalignments. That’s why chiropractic care can be so effective at relieving chronic headaches. Rather than masking the pain, like many over-the-counter and prescription medications do, chiropractic care addresses the root causes of headaches, allowing you to experience less frequent and severe headaches.

In addition, chiropractors pay close attention to lifestyle improvements such as posture and nutrition, to prevent headache triggers and variables which cause inflammation, increasing the chance of headaches.

Multiple studies have shown that chiropractic care can help relieve the frequency and severity of migraine headaches, a special type of headache that includes intense pain, nausea and sensitivity to stimuli like light and sound. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation combined with other types of therapy such as myofascial release and massage coupled with advice on ergonomic and lifestyle improvements to reduce the occurrence of migraines.

Chiropractic Care Offers Solutions to Chronic Joint Pain

Joint pain can have a number of causes from arthritis to pain from past injuries. Joint pain can even occur as just a normal part of aging. This type of pain can get in the way of walking, running, working out or participating in the activities you love whether that’s a round of golf or an afternoon gardening. Joint pain can occur in all parts of the extremities from the wrists to the ankles and feet. But although joint pain can happen in many parts of the body, the root cause may in fact lie in a misalignment in the spine, which causes nerves to be irritated and cause pain. Misalignments can also cause inflammation which, as you’re probably aware, aggravates joint pain.

So, to minimize joint pain, a chiropractor will begin with spinal alignments to improve the balance of the body and ensure nerves aren’t triggering pain. This can help with as few as one session, but may take multiple alignments to experience relief. A chiropractor can also introduce other therapies, such as massage therapy and acupuncture, while giving guidance on lifestyle changes that can help to reduce inflammation.

North Jersey Patients Have a Solution to their Pain Problems: Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy

Pain doesn’t have to stand in the way of living your best life any longer. Chiropractic care offers proven solutions that reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Whether you’ve suffered a new injury or have struggled with chronic pain for years, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek the care that will bring you the best relief. Here at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, we’re committed to helping patients experience pain relief with a variety of treatment options. Our highly respected chiropractors are leaders in pain relief and their care is supplemented by our in-house acupuncture and physical therapy treatments. If you live in North Jersey, reach out to begin your healing journey. We have four convenient locations in Closter, Fair Lawn, Wayne and Oakland, New Jersey to make it easy for you to find your pain relief.