What is the Science Behind Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care has a long established history of patient success backed by science and research. However, some people remain unsure about the effectiveness of chiropractic and ignore it as an option for pain relief and healing. At Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy, we’re committed to helping educate the public so that more people feel comfortable accessing this safe and effective care. It’s unfortunate that people suffer with chronic pain, missing out on some of their favorite activities with family and friends, when chiropractic can offer relief from nagging back pain and other conditions that place a limit on life’s activities.

Providing convenient access to pain relief and care is one of the reasons why we maintain multiple locations in North Jersey. With locations in Oakland, Wayne, Fair Lawn, and Closter, New Jersey, there’s sure to be a location nearby to their home or work, for residents of northern New Jersey. We’ve also tailored our hours to make care easier to obtain care, with weekend and evening hours. If you are suffering from chronic pain or injury, read on to learn about how well established chiropractic is as a treatment option. With this information, you can feel empowered to make the best choice for your care.

Chiropractic Focuses on the Alignment of the Spine

To start, it helps to know a bit of the background of chiropractic. As stated in the peer-reviewed medical journal, The Journal of the American Medical Association, chiropractic is a medical profession that is well within the mainstream of care. While it may be referred to under the “alternative” therapy category, it is one of the most widely utilized forms of care with estimates that show at least half of US adults have received chiropractic care.

Established at the turn of the nineteenth century, chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. Chiropractic has become well known for treating lower back pain and focuses on the belief that by supporting proper alignment, the body can heal itself without the need for drugs such as potentially addictive pain medications.

Instead of prescribing medicines to dull pain, chiropractic aims to use manual techniques such as alignments, which help place the body back into balance to encourage healing. While back pain receives a great deal of attention when it comes to chiropractic care (thanks in part to positive success rates) it’s just one facet of this form of medical practice. Chiropractic takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. This means the entire body and lifestyle are taken into account when treating a patient. Chiropractors can help patients with not only chronic pain conditions, but also a number of ailments and conditions, such as migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and bowel conditions.

Chiropractic Outcomes are Well Documented

It has been many decades now that chiropractic care has been accepted as a complementary medicine that can be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Not only is it widely accepted by the medical community, but also by insurance companies, who often view chiropractic care as a more cost-effective therapy option over more invasive procedures. Numerous studies published in medical journals have provided evidence of the benefits of chiropractic particularly for relief of chronic back pain.

Chiropractic Methods are Safe with Less Risk than Many Traditional Medical Options

For chronic pain like back and neck pain, traditionally there have been few treatment options beyond surgery and pain medications. Surgery can pose its own risks, requires a patient to miss work during recovery and doesn’t guarantee relief from pain. In some instances, surgery can make chronic pain worse. Chiropractors often see patients who have opted for back surgery and still need relief from the pain and discomfort that an invasive procedure didn’t fix.

While the drawbacks of pain medication are a major concern for most patients (including unwanted side effects such as drowsiness and the potential for addiction) these drugs also don’t address the underlying problem. By just providing a “band-aid” effect, painkillers don’t solve the source of pain, meaning a patient will be dependent on them for relief for years to come. Chiropractors don’t prescribe drugs nor do they perform invasive procedures, so they look to healing methods that solve patient issues for the long-term.

While manual alignments may be at the center of chiropractic care, the profession is always on the cutting edge of care, innovating with safe and effective technologies that enhance treatment options. This can include laser therapy and other high-tech devices that utilize new developments to further stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Chiropractors are Highly Trained Healthcare Professionals

Did you know that chiropractors are doctors of chiropractic (DCs)? That means that beyond a four-year Bachelor’s degree, to become a chiropractor, you need an additional three and a half to four years of additional schooling. That comes out to be over 4,500 hours of intensive education including clinical training on the human body. This context shows just how highly trained chiropractors are. At Oakland Spine, we have ten doctors of chiropractic on staff at our four locations. Each is educated in nutrition, wellness and pain conditions, while being equally trained in the fundamentals of human anatomy and the various systems of the body. This allows each chiropractor to take a holistic approach to patient care and healing.

Live in North Jersey? Chiropractic Care is Close By

With four convenient locations in Oakland, Wayne, Fair Lawn, and Closter, New Jersey, our team of chiropractors are ready to help you find relief from chronic pain and other conditions. Whether you have been to your primary care doctor, an orthopedist or other specialist, chiropractic care can be a complementary therapy that works well with your overall care plan. We welcome new patients and all of our chiropractors are happy to take the time to walk you through how chiropractic care works and what you can expect from your sessions.

Each year we see new patients and it’s never too late to give chiropractic a try. If you suffer from chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to find a treatment plan that works for you and gives you relief and the mobility you deserve in life. Take the first step to reduce pain by making an appointment with Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy today.