What Are The Benefits of Physical Therapy?

The benefits of physical therapy are widely known by those who have regained mobility, range of motion, and have been set free from the agony of chronic pain. But if you’ve never participated in physical therapy, you’re probably curious to learn about its advantages. Physical therapy is recommended by orthopedic surgeons, sports doctors and primary care physicians because of its ability to help patients regain use of their body after injury, disease or a chronic condition has resulted in loss of function.

Here at Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy, we offer a multitude of services including physical therapy. Our practice is dedicated to serving patients with chronic, stubborn pain and more acute injuries as well. With offices in Oakland, Wayne, Fair Lawn, and Closter, New Jersey, we make it easy for residents of North Jersey to conveniently access care.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a complementary form of care that addresses multiple conditions from chronic pain to injuries to long-term conditions such as osteoarthritis and diabetes. The goal of physical therapy is to help relieve pain while restoring function and movement so patients can be more active in their lives.

Physical therapy utilizes a number of techniques including massage therapy and exercises, while educating patients on the lifestyle changes and exercise routines they can continue at home to encourage healing and greater progress to be achieved.

What Are the Most Common Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy?

There are a wide array of circumstances where physical therapy can be beneficial to a patient’s prognosis. Patients recovering post-surgery may be referred to physical therapy and it can also help patients with chronic conditions from cardio-pulminary conditions to arthritis. Patients recovering from a stroke are often referred to a physical therapy to regain the use and function of their limbs and balance. Physical therapy however can also be useful for chronic back and neck pain, be used to address a sports injury or help people of all ages prevent future injury by improved conditioning.

Top Five Benefits of Physical Therapy

  • Reduces Pain: By developing better strength in a patient while teaching them proper movements and positions for sitting and sleeping, physical therapists are a crucial part of any pain management protocol.
  • Can Help Prevent the Need for Surgery: Did you know that some studies have found physical therapy as equal or better than surgery for some chronic pain conditions? Particularly for back patients, this can make a significant difference in their lives.
  • Experience Enhanced Mobility: Whether regaining the ability to fully extend an arm or leg or having the ability to stand for longer stretches of time, there are multiple exercises and movements that physical therapists can help patients practice to enhance mobility.
  • Reduces the Need for Painkillers: Everyone knows the risk factors of taking prescription pain medication. These opioid-based pills can lead to addiction while also carrying multiple side effects. In addition, the use of pain medication can lead to a tolerance and since it doesn’t solve the underlying cause of pain, isn’t a good long-term solution.
  • Assists with Better Balance: Physical therapists provide exercises and movements to help patients improve their balance. Also, by strengthening the body and muscles in the legs and arms, patients will be more capable of balancing and have the strength to avoid falls more often than people who have weakened joints and muscles.

Physical Therapy Is a Beneficial Part of A Longevity Plan

If you’re over the age of 45, falls become a bigger risk to your health and wellbeing. Falls can lead to serious injury such as brain damage, hip fractures and other damaging consequences. Growing evidence shows that a single fall can lead to a cascade of decline where a patient limits their activity to prevent further falls and becomes weaker and more prone to future falls as a result.

Balance plays a large part in fall prevention and unfortunately our natural balance begins declining in our 50s. At the same time, Sarcopenia or the loss of muscle mass is occurring, a natural occurrence that begins to greatly accelerate after around the age of 60. Physical therapy helps patients counteract these natural parts of aging by working on balance and strength. These two areas of physiology are crucial to maintain in order to help prevent falls. In addition, physical therapists can help with flexibility, another contributing factor to healthy aging.

Need Physical Therapy? Considering Chiropractic Care As Well

Although physical therapy is a popular option for healing, many patients don’t realize that chiropractic care can enhance the positive results of physical therapy. Can I receive physical therapy at the same time as chiropractic care? That’s a common question we hear from patients. Not only is it acceptable to combine chiropractic care with your physical therapy, but doing so can have exponential benefits to your recovery.

While both physical therapy and chiropractic care are holistic, natural approaches to healing, they each take a different approach to getting patients to reach their physiological goals. While physical therapy uses exercises to improve strength, mobility and flexibility, chiropractic care has a different focus.

Chiropractic care focuses on restoring and retaining proper alignment of the joints and spine. Through treatments such as manual alignments, chiropractors are able to help the body get back into alignment which can facilitate the body healing itself while reducing inflammation and pain. So you can think of a chiropractor as fixing the problem, helping put your body back into proper alignment and a physical therapist’s job as building the body back up after it’s back in proper balance.

That’s why our practice here at Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy combines both chiropractic care and physical therapy, so that you can receive comprehensive care all with one practice. This benefits patents since care providers will all be on the same page, working together for your optimal outcome.

Patient and Proactive Physical Therapists Are Available for You in North Jersey

If you’re looking for an experienced team of physical therapists in the North Jersey region, trust Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy for your healing. Our team is comprised of 12 physical therapists, the majority of whom are doctors of physical therapy. We understand that every person has different needs, capability levels and concerns. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the physical therapy process. We’ve helped countless patients get their lives back, so they can return to the activities they love with their friends and family.

If you’re tired of pain getting in the way of life, then it’s time to take the next step to improve your condition. You deserve to live with less pain and more of the things you enjoy doing, whether it’s riding a bike, taking a walk or getting back in the game. Here at Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy, we’re ready to help you make that happen. If you are near North Jersey, consider visiting one of our convenient northern New Jersey locations in Oakland, Wayne, Fair Lawn, and Closter, New Jersey. You can easily submit an appointment request and get started on the path toward a more pain-free future.