Shining Healing Light on Herniated Discs

Laser Therapy for Herniated Discs

In the world of medicine, we tend to regard lasers as cutting tools which indicates a surgical process. Yet when we put the words, “laser” and “therapy” together at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy we’re talking about healing without the invasive aspects of surgery. As we’ve stated in the past, we wield nonsurgical laser therapy like a magic wand that accelerates the body’s tremendous potential to heal itself with this marvelous therapeutic tool. This is particularly true with herniated discs which impact the quality of life for as many as 20 out of every 1,000 American adults annually, according to an updated account published in the National Library of Medicine in January of this year. Moreover, it is most common among adult males in their thirties, forties and fifties. Although not exclusive to men, the male-to-female ratio is two-to-one.

A herniated disc, as many of our patients know, is one of the most common causes of chronic back pain, and it can be described as displaced space around a disc along the spine. The so-called bulging disc interferes with the space around it, claiming the space required for painless and healthy movement from the neck and down the length of the back. The spine is affected by any movement of the upper body— bending, stretching, lifting or twisting— but it also feels the impact generated by walking, running and climbing. Even seemingly passive positions like sitting and lying down may be painful. Some sufferers of herniated disc pain will tell you that there is no escaping it and that often standing with minimal movement is the preferred posture for coping with this condition during a typical day.

Laser therapy is a more concise way of describing photobiostimulation, which pretty much describes itself if you break it down into the three parts of its name. It essentially means natural stimulation by light, and that light comes from what is known as a cold laser. If we recommend this treatment, it will be generated by our LCT 1000 Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser, a state-of-the-art therapeutic laser treatment that will safely and efficiently ease and eradicate pain.


  • Laser therapy is a perfect adjunct to chiropractic care, an effective chronic pain management system and a robust treatment for acute as well as chronic injury.

—Chiropractic + Neuropathic Doctor Website


The way that laser therapy stimulates the body’s natural process, without getting too technical, is by delivering controlled wavelengths to specified soft tissue, with the proven result of enhancing cellular metabolism. Metabolism is the biochemical process that initiates growth and maintenance in living cells. In the case of adult sufferers with herniated disc pain, it is all about maintenance, which signifies both repair and healing.

Because the body itself is a self-repairing organism, we are talking about making the most of the process—allowing the body to make the most out of its healing potential. Laser therapy may require a sequence of treatments over variable spans of time ranging from weeks to months to accelerate healing a condition caused by a lifetime of abuse and injury.

The pain described by people diagnosed with herniated discs is often d as sharp or burning, but it also may be radiating, which means numbness and tingling in other parts of body along what is known as the “path of the nerve root.” That’s why it is often said about herniated discs that what emerges as back pain is not necessarily in the back itself or at the precise location of an affected disc.

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