Making Debilitating Migraines Go Away

Just about everyone has experienced a headache now and again, whether from stress, as a warning sign of impending illness or something as mundane as missing your morning cups of coffee. They come and they go and are as individualized as the person suffering from them. Headaches are nothing to scoff at, but a migraine is a whole different animal, unrelenting and always a threat to return at any time, literally derailing your life for hours, even days. A primary headache, the most common type among 95 percent of headache sufferers, might also trigger a more oppressive migraine as if warning you of worse things to come.

The treatments we offer at Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy may be as seemingly simple as a change in diet or learning how to relax, but getting to the source of migraines and what the symptoms reveal requires knowledge, expertise, and experience to resolve. We also employ a powerful weapon in our anti-migraine arsenal— a breakthrough non-surgical treatment using the LCT 1000 Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser along with spinal decompression as part of our exclusive Butler Spine Program.

Commonly Experienced Symptoms

Migraines may not always share the same symptoms among those whom they assail, but the common denominator is they are too disruptive and painful to ignore. Among the symptoms most commonly experienced are an intense throbbing pain often on one side of the head, nausea, vomiting and a tremendous aversion to light, sound, and even certain smells. Migraine attacks typically last from four hours to as long as three days and nights (72 hours) of unrelenting suffering which, when over, may leave you exhausted, confused, and weakened for another 24 hours.

The symptoms can be so severe that they interfere with your daily life. It is often intensified by routine physical activity, which means there is little you can do that is productive, either at home or on the job. Just functioning socially can be an ordeal.

Without the promise of relief, the only solution for some is remaining as still as possible while seated or abed, suffering in a dark, quiet place until it goes away.

Once a migraine is diagnosed, the obvious objective is to provide relief, of course, but we also strive to determine the cause so we can more accurately employ the treatment program that works for each patient. Our experience with headache and migraine sufferers will be of tremendous benefit, whatever the origin of your debilitating migraine or its peculiar symptoms.

The Butler Spine Program has been amazingly effective in circumventing surgery or being forced to seek relief through prescription drugs that can hold you prisoner the rest of your life. This treatment targets neck pain, headaches and migraines and, most of all, brings hope of migraine relief and has the potential of diverting future attacks.

When chiropractic care is integrative it includes an array of lifestyle changes that can make a dramatic difference in susceptibility to migraines. These include diet, exercise, and modifying work environment and postures (ergonomics).

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