Award Winning Physical Therapists, Doctors of Chiropractic, Licensed Acupuncturists Now in Closter

Sharing “Longer, Healthier Life” in Closter, NJ

Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy is pleased to be the new kid in town by bringing one of our comprehensive health care centers to Closter, NJ, and continuing a health-care tradition there. We’re a multidisciplinary practice who puts our patients first with award-winning Physical Therapists, Doctors of Chiropractic, Licensed Acupuncturists, and providers of other groundbreaking therapies and treatments. We’re non-invasive and that means no surgery and no drugs on the road to help the residents of the Northern Valley of Bergen County “feel great again.”

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Not surprisingly, Closter is regarded as one of the best communities in which to live in New Jersey and among the best rated among dozens of New York City suburbs. It gets high marks for its public schools, a great place to raise a family and as a safe and healthful place to live. It is one of the rare suburbs of our greatest metropolitan areas that residents describe as having “a rural feel” even though it’s only a 20-mile drive to Manhattan.

You might say we’re providing a portal of healthfulness to Closter and the surrounding area and a reputation for accurate diagnoses with an accent on living our shared goals of “a longer, healthier life” without the pain and suffering of many medical procedures.

Continuing a Healthy Tradition for New Neighbors in Closter

Closter becomes a part of a family of communities that include the New Jersey locations of Oakland, Wayne and Fair Lawn. Oakland Spine is proud that Closter became one of our locations as a result of a merger with The Non-Surgical Disc Treatment Center, which achieved prominence and respect under the late Dr. Edward Cohen who anointed us, after an exhaustive search, as “the right fit for his patients.”

Incorporated as a New Jersey municipality in 1904, what today is Closter Borough was first settled as a community over 300 years ago and some eight decades before the United States became a sovereign nation. Prior to the 1904 date, Closter was considered part of New York.

Closter Borough itself consists of only 3.3 square miles and claims more than 8,300 residents in 2,860 housing units for an estimated 2,370 families, according to the latest Census findings.  There is a healthy combination of families with children under the age of 18 and people 65 years of age and older.

Its downtown is regarded as a commercial center for borough residents and those who live within a radius of several miles outside the borough perimeters. The renovated Closter Plaza is a draw from shoppers and diners. Volunteer fire and ambulance personnel serve Closter, which also has a municipal police department with a staff of 20, including a two-person detective department.

We pledge to serve the residents of Closter and its contiguous neighborhoods with the dedication of Dr. Cohen and those community volunteers, businesses and organizations who make this unique municipality such as safe and healthy place to live for its several thousand families.

Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy is not just for the ailing and injured. We also have a commitment to promote and encourage healthy habits by challenging both mind and body. Too many of us need to combat sedentary habits, including dietary choices, that contribute to deteriorating health and premature aging.

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