Are Chiropractors Worth the Money?

Considering visiting a chiropractor, but wondering if it’s worth it? When most people think of chiropractors, they assume that someone only needs such a doctor after sustaining a substantial neck or back injury. Car accidents, sports injuries, and worker’s compensation cases come to mind when chiropractors are mentioned. But chiropractors are much more than doctors who treat acute pain. In many instances, developing a relationship with a local chiropractor can assist with overall body health, wellness and longevity. Are chiropractors worth the money? You bet they are. And here are some reasons why you should see a chiropractor whether you’re looking to alleviate pain or just live your healthiest, most active life.


Chiropractors Help Improve Your Posture

Do you remember when your mom or school teacher used to say, ”Sit up straight?” You may not have thought about the long-term effect that bad posture could have on your body. But those words they preached for years may resonate with you now that you have severe back and neck pain. Even if you’ve worked to maintain great posture, our digital lifestyles have landed many of us sitting for hours everyday in front of a screen. Chiropractic adjustment methods can help reposition your spine and promote better posture. Instead of slouching, your back, head, and stomach will sit in perfect alignment after treatments, creating more comfort and greater mobility.


Chiropractors Can Help With Intense Head and Neck Pain

Have migraines gotten the best of you over the years, and no amount of pain medication seems to be providing relief? Then, you may need the help of a chiropractor. A medical study in 2009 showed that spinal manipulation and other chiropractic care helped improve migraine and cervicogenic headaches. Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic migraines or headaches, a chiropractor may be able to help reduce some of the pain.


Likewise, getting regular treatments from a chiropractor can help ease suffering if you suffer from ongoing neck pain. They use non-invasive procedures for aligning your spine and reducing neck pain. In as little as three visits, patients may start to feel relief.


Chiropractors Can Help Minimize Dependency on Pain Medication

It is estimated that over 2 million people in the U.S. are addicted to opioids or prescription painkillers. A recent study shows that 92,000 persons in the U.S. died from an illicit or opioid drug-involved overdose in 2020. Painkillers can be pretty destructive in some instances. Therefore, treatments that minimize dependency on pain medication are ideal for many pain sufferers. For those dealing with chronic pain, particularly in the neck and back, getting chiropractic treatment may be the best way to go.


Chiropractors Help Align Your Body

Have you ever strolled along and tripped over thin air? You may look around, wondering what was on the floor that made you stumble. Naturally, you may assume the problem must be with your home or office flooring. But have you ever considered that your body could be misaligned? Believe it or not, those missteps you’re taking may not be the floor at all. Instead, issues you are having with your bones not being correctly aligned are likely. A chiropractor can immediately tell when your body is out of alignment and work on getting it back on track. Adjustments not only help with the pain you may be experiencing but will also help prevent those random vertigo occurrences that you keep blaming on uneven floors.

Chiropractors Assist With Leg Pain

You may not think of a chiropractor when you think of leg problems. However, a chiropractor can solve many of the tingling sensations and other issues you may experience with your legs. While leg pain may not seem related to your spine, spinal adjustments can work wonders to relieve leg pain, restless legs, and other unusual sensations.

Chiropractors Can Help With Overall Health and Wellness

Although many people only think about chiropractic help when they are injured, developing a relationship with a chiropractor right now is one of the best decisions you can make. Chiropractors don’t just treat pain but also help prevent it. Keeping your body properly aligned can go a long way in helping maintain your health and wellness. Chiropractors can help assist with a multitude of conditions, making them an incredible value when you consider the high-cost of healthcare today. In fact, chiropractors can help with:

Costs to Get Chiropractic Treatment

The average national cost of chiropractic care can range between $30 to $300. The good news is that your health insurance provider may cover many chiropractic treatments. Unfortunately, many providers usually only cover acute pain, not regular maintenance. Therefore, before getting treatments, it is a good idea to determine the details of your insurance coverage. Although some treatments may require out-of-pocket payments, when the cost is put into the perspective of life-changing therapies, long-term wellness and living pain-free, this small investment is well worth it.

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