Angela Santiago was born in Brooklyn and raised in North Jersey her whole life. She went to Saint Peters University and majored in Biology with an interest in veterinary work. That was put on hold to raise her daughter and she worked in the insurance industry as an insurance agent until she had the capability to go back to school. One day Angela came across a video of a dog go from being completely immobile to being able to run around and play catch after rounds of physical therapy and that began her interest in the field. As an animal lover she always had an interest to help animals; with this career path she knew she also has the opportunity to help people get healthier and functional in order to lead happier lives. That made her decision to go into Physical Therapy a no-brainer and so she began her pursuit in the field with an interest to continue expanding her knowledge in PT. When not in a clinical setting she enjoys spending time with her family which includes her two small dogs Brutus and Dexter, watching horror movies/shows, traveling, hiking, reading, going to the beach, biking, trying new restaurants and exploring new fun indoor and outdoor activities.

Department:  Physical Therapy

Location:  Wayne, NJ