Laser Therapy for Low Back Pain in Northern NJ

There is no greater proof of the human body’s innate healing powers than deep tissue laser therapy. Technology has stepped up to help our bodies unleash those powers by providing stimulation that awakens cellular activity to relieve, notably eradicate, low back pain.

It is known as deep tissue laser therapy and the scientific name for the process is photobiostimulation, also effective for healing wounds and any physical issue where pain is a symptom.

At Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, we bring sufferers of low back pain —and there are enough of them to populate the states of New York and New Jersey combined— a powerful, noninvasive tool called the LCT 1000 Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser.

No matter what caused your low back pain, running the gamut from arthritis and vertebral fractures to muscle injury and overexertion, this healing laser technology offers you a pain-free future.  We’re talking about circumventing surgery and prescription pain medicine with a warming treatment of five to ten minutes at a time and will often resolve your acute or chronic low back pain over a treatment course of several weeks consisting of multiple brief treatments.

Pain strikes people in various ways, of course, with lifestyle, physical condition, even genetics, making some of us more vulnerable than others. These deviations are also true in how, and how speedily, each of us recovers from any treatment program.

Laser Therapy the “Most Powerful Healing Technology”

We firmly believe that the LCT-1000™ is “the most powerful healing technology available today” for conquering low back pain. In addition, we offer minimally noninvasive treatments like massage, acupuncture, trigger-point injection therapy and physical therapy as options. It is all a part of what we call a “multi-pronged approach” for a condition that as many as 80 percent of the U.S. population experience at some time in their lives.

There are no side effects from this deep tissue healing approach, and how often can that be claimed by mainstream medicine approaches to subduing bodily pain? Pro and college athletes — Major League Baseball, the NBA and NCAA collegiate sports programs, for example—are increasingly turning to this laser treatment. There is no profession where pain-free mobility is more critical for optimal performance.  It goes beyond performance. It is also about recovery time, because athletes need to get back on the playing field or court as quickly as possible. Imagine knowing you can return to action in a matter of days or a few weeks rather than months or entire seasons.

Speaking of recovery time, we can tell you that you will start feeling relief on the same day of your first treatment in what patients commonly describe as a “warming feeling.” By the end of your treatment course, you’ll be amazed at the dissipation of pain and increased mobility.

It can be life-changing for those longing for a return to the active life they once enjoyed. Deep tissue laser therapy is proving effective for a range of circumstances, including:

  • Nerve damage from diabetic Neuropathy
  • Quicker recovery from surgery
  • Pain issues in other parts of the body like knees, ankles, hips and feet, and
  • Any pain related to joints, muscles, circulation and inflammation.

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