Five Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

By Published On: January 29, 2020Categories: NJ Laser Therapy Info, Oakland Spine News

Low back pain can make virtually every waking hour an annoyance, at the very least, and, at times, an ordeal.  You’ve been covering it up with painkillers, and you may, as a last resort, be risking surgery and its associated complications as hope fades for a pain-free future.  Technology has brought a truly noninvasive remedy that unleashes the innate power of the human body to heal itself.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in New JerseyIt is known as deep tissue laser therapy, due to its therapeutic effects, and that pain, whether chronic or acute as a result of injury, maybe eradicated in a just a few brief treatments. Patients are amazed at the warming, comforting feel of the therapy itself and often comment that they wish it would last beyond the typical five to ten minutes. After just a handful of sessions, depending on your individualized plan, low back pain will become just a memory.

Injury, arthritis and spinal or nerve damage lead to inflammation in surrounding soft tissue which, in turn, leads to pain. If we relieve the inflammation, we relieve the pain. Our deep tissue laser permeates outer layers deep into the tissue, stimulating the healing process and diminishes inflammation.

Perhaps our most effective low back pain tool at Oakland Spine & physical therapy is the LCT 1000 Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser— one of the best and most affordable of its kind available for general patient care.

Reasons to Choose Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Following are five sound reasons why deep tissue laser therapy may be the solution to resolving your low back pain.

  • Treatments themselves actually feel good and require only minutes of your time. Could it really be that years of chronic back pain will come to an end so quickly and effectively? It is proof— and the signature benefit of chiropractic care— that the cure is already within us at the cellular level. It’s merely a matter of accelerating the healing process.
  • Deep tissue laser therapy can be modified from patient to patient. Every individual is different, with immune systems responding divergently to inflammation and promoting healing. It is generally true that the sooner therapy starts after injury, the more immediate the impact on inflammation. Deep tissue laser therapy is literally dialed up or down to accelerate healing.
  • The only side effect is feeling better as your pain subsides from treatment to treatment. Without getting too technical, laser therapy penetrates deeply and triggers heightened cellular metabolic activity. In other words, there are no side effects— unlike virtually every prescription pain medicine or surgical procedure and its aftermath.
  • Deep laser therapy is particularly effective in reducing and eliminating chronic low back pain. Surgery is often considered the last resort for those who have suffered for years, but the LCT 1000 Deep Tissue (Class IV) Laser, a powerful, noninvasive tool, is a welcome alternative to the operating room.
  • For many low back pain sufferers, deep tissue laser therapy is a solution that was not available to previous generations. If this treatment is deemed right for you, it offers freedom from pain not available to your parents and grandparents. Your time has come.

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