Can Physical Therapy Make a Problem Worse?

Worried about physical therapy making an injury or chronic pain issue worse? It’s a common concern for someone who has never experienced physical therapy. You might worry that the movements will be painful, that you won’t be up for the physical challenge. And most of all, you might be stressing that physical therapy can risk making a painful problem worse.

The good news is that the medical evidence shows that physical therapy is not only safe, but extremely beneficial when it comes to repairing injuries, diminishing pain and improving your physical condition.

The team at Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy is highly trained, led by numerous doctors and supported by multiple physical therapy assistants. Together they provide the most advanced therapy and rehab putting patient health, safety and comfort as their highest priority. They have decades of combined experience in treating sports injuries, back and neck pain, post-accident injuries, sciatica, neuropathy and arthritis, among other conditions. Serving patients throughout North Jersey, the team is well-versed in easing patients’ fears and concerns so that they can enjoy all of the benefits physical therapy offers.

Does physical therapy cause pain?

You’ll be happy to know that physical therapy is designed to reduce inflammation and pain. This is accomplished by helping your body become stronger and more flexible. This not only helps you to experience less pain but also greater range of motion and mobility. In fact, physical therapy is categorized as a pain management solution, so it’s about lessening pain, not causing it. With physical therapy, you can expect to be guided by a physical therapist through a variety of movements like exercises and stretches. These movements are specifically designed to make your body stronger and more flexible, which in turn allows injured areas to heal correctly and chronic pain to be minimized.

Can I make my injury worse with physical therapy?

Physical therapy exercises and movements are designed with injuries and chronic pain in mind. This ensures that whatever routine you undertake with your physical therapist has been proven to be safe and supportive of your healing and progress. Physical therapists are highly trained, with years of advanced schooling and experience. This is where a physical therapist greatly differs from workout coaches like physical trainers at a gym. Your physical therapist will understand the underlying causes of your pain and the movements that can be practiced to improve your condition.

Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy’s staff includes doctors of physical therapy and assistants who have extensive education and experience in treating a variety of conditions. They understand the causes of pain and the limitations of a body. They will always listen to you and respect your comfort level. It’s important to choose a physical therapist who has these qualities so that you can ensure your comfort and safety.

What if I experience soreness after physical therapy?

Just like any type of workout that stretches and builds muscles, you may experience some muscle soreness after your physical therapy sessions. But this is a positive effect, because it’s evidence that your hard work during your physical therapy sessions is working. It means you’re stretching the fibers in your muscles and that is making them stronger.

Since mindset is an important part of the success of physical therapy, it’s important to go into it with the right outlook. Just like jogging, yoga or other types of physical activity that benefit the body, physical therapy can be hard work. But just like any other beneficial work, the small investment of time and energy will keep paying you dividends for years to come.

Did you know that you’re at risk of experiencing further injury and added pain if you skip physical therapy and choose to heal on your own? Contrast that to a short period of physical therapy which helps to reduce pain and inflammation, while teaching you strategies that you can use throughout your life. If you’ve been injured or experience chronic pain, the recovery and pain management plan you choose will have long-lasting consequences. Which means it’s best to make the short-term commitment to physical therapy as soon as possible.

How does physical therapy help pain and improve injuries?

Physical therapy can offer relief from chronic pain and help your body heal properly from injury. In physical therapy you may encounter a variety of exercises such as low-impact aerobic movements (fast walking, stationary biking), strength training and stretching. Your physical therapist can also provide additional supportive therapies such as cold/heat therapy, massage and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

These therapies are accepted by the medical community as a safe, effective alternative to pain medications or invasive surgery. Physical therapy is effective because it encourages parts of your body to become stronger to support problem areas. For instance, pain can come from a pinched nerve that is being compressed. Increasing the movement to this area can reduce this compression and provide more fluid movement and pain relief. By improving the body’s flexibility and strength, physical therapy can help promote healthy nerve response and provide support for weakened parts of the body.

Safe and Effective Physical Therapy in North Jersey

If you have chronic pain or have suffered an injury, your doctor may have recommended physical therapy to improve your mobility, reduce pain and increase your quality of life. If you’ve hesitated at the thought of physical therapy, out of fear or concern, now is a good time to learn more about how safe and effective physical therapy is for pain and injuries.

If you live in the North Jersey region, Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy offers four convenient locations in Oakland, Fair Lawn, Wayne and Closter, New Jersey. Each has evening and weekend hours to provide you with physical therapy that fits into your lifestyle. It’s just one of the many ways the Oakland Spine and Physical Therapy team do all they can to be patient-focused and put your needs first. If you are curious to learn more about how physical therapy might help you and improve your lifestyle, set up a simple initial consultation where all of your questions can be answered.