Can A Chiropractor Fix Spine Alignment Issues?

A spinal misalignment can impact your life significantly, causing energy issues, chronic pain, and limiting mobility. But too often people suffer in silence, not aware that their spine is out of alignment and that they have options that will improve their well-being. The good news is that there are ways to help to put the spine back into alignment. Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy offers chiropractic services that focus on placing your body in alignment and alleviating symptoms with a holistic approach.

Using spinal manipulation, our highly trained chiropractors provide therapeutic care without the need for drugs or surgery. Do you suffer from a lack of energy or mobility? Or does chronic back pain interfere with your quality of life? If you live in North Jersey, Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy has four convenient locations in Closter, Fair Lawn, Oakland and Wayne,

What Causes a Spinal Misalignment?

There are actually many life events that can cause a spinal misalignment, making the condition all too common. A spinal misalignment can be caused by repetitive behaviors, such as sitting the wrong and developing poor posture or having to sit or stand for long periods of time, particularly during long work shifts. There are other physical activities that when repeated over a stretch of time can lead to a spinal misalignment, such as sleeping on your stomach or working out with bad form.

A spinal alignment can also be caused by acute incidents, events that often happen in an instant, such as a work-related injury, an auto accident, or lifting something improperly. Finally, some lifestyle factors may also contribute to a misalignment of the spine. For instance, overexertion of the back or being obese are contributing risk factors.

What Are the Symptoms of a Spine Misalignment?

You might be wondering if the pain and stiffness you live with might be due to a spinal misalignment. After all, there are so many ways the spine can fall out of alignment. There are a wide range of symptoms that could imply a spine misalignment, including:

  • Lower back pain
  • Back spasms
  • Stiffness and inflexibility of the back
  • Headaches
  • Numbness or tingling of the hands and/or feet
  • Feeling of lack of energy
  • Pain in areas such as the neck, knees or hips
  • Difficulty in walking

Of course a spinal misalignment needs to be diagnosed by a trained healthcare professional so that the right treatment plan can be tailored to your needs. There are additional symptoms which can be caused by a spinal misalignment. So if you suspect you may suffer from a misalignment, it’s best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to begin the healing process.

How Can a Spine Misalignment Negatively Impact Your Life?

As you can see from the symptoms above, a misalignment of the spine can cause significant pain and impact daily life. You may have started to limit your activities, forgoing your favorite hobbies or pastimes because you’re unable to enjoy them without pain or feeling restricted in your body.

Chronic back pain actually is one of the leading causes of missed work and productivity issues. A spine misalignment can also impact your sleep health, causing you to toss and turn more throughout the night and wake up still tired, rather than feeling well-rested and refreshed. Do you wake up ready for the day or sluggish, longing for more sound sleep? A spinal misalignment might be to blame if you still feel tired when your alarm rings. Since continuous lack of sleep can impact overall health as well as contribute to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, it’s important to regain a higher quality of rest.

If you’ve suffered from chronic pain, mobility issues, stiffness or a general loss of energy, you probably can create a list of all the ways it has impacted your life and the events, outings, and assignments you’ve missed out on. Such symptoms can harm your mental health, your relationships, and your career growth. As you can see, there’s a lot to miss out on with a spinal misalignment.

Diagnosing a Spine Misalignment

So how is a spine misalignment diagnosed? The above symptoms are often enough to imply a spinal misalignment, but chiropractors have additional methods for diagnosing such a condition. Although traditional medicine may demand costly x-rays and MRIs, a chiropractor is skilled in reading the signs the body is presenting to identify issues such as a misalignment.

The first step is to book a consultation with a highly-trained and experienced chiropractor. At this consultation, your chiropractor will investigate your symptoms and ask you a series of questions to understand what you have been experiencing. From there, the chiropractor will do an in-person evaluation to observe your ability to make certain movements, examining your posture and gait.. This can be easily completed by examining the wear pattern on your shoes (known as heel strike) as well as precisely measuring your legs for signs of leg length differences.

Can a Chiropractor Help Realign the Spine?

Since so many issues within the body can arise from the spine becoming out of balance, chiropractors emphasize bringing the body back into alignment. Spinal manipulation therefore is a common practice and one of the most popular therapies chiropractors perform on an annual basis.

A spinal manipulation, also known as a spinal adjustment is a safe, non-invasive therapy which includes gentle, precise movements which put the spine back into alignment. Compared to risky back surgery and potentially addictive pain medication which can cause numerous side effects, spinal manipulation is safe with millions of satisfied patients nationwide. In addition to spinal manipulation, your chiropractor may recommend lifestyle alterations, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture to enhance your recovery and speed up the process of getting you back to your usual routine.

Treatment Options for a Spine Misalignment in North Jersey

At Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy, our team of highly-regarded chiropractors have dedicated their lives to addressing chronic back pain and spinal misalignments. Through the innovative Butler Spine Program, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and acupuncture, we take a holistic approach to getting your body back into alignment.

If you live in North Jersey, our four convenient locations in Closter, Fair Lawn, Oakland and Wayne are ready to help with your spinal issues. The team takes the time to listen to each patient’s individual concerns and complaints and develop a treatment plan focused on rebalancing the body and allowing for proper healing. With this gentle, comprehensive, and natural approach to recovery, you can find the path back to enjoying life and doing the things you love again. Take the first step toward healing by making an appointment for a consultation today.