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Oakland Spine News

Oakland Spine News

Oakland Spine News2021-01-29T10:35:23-05:00

Physical Therapy Helps Sciatica Healing

Physical therapy is more than just a combination of exercises, massage and repetitive movements to improve physical function and mobility after injury, illness or surgery. The treatment of the pain and debilitation wrought by Sciatica is a prime example of that. Physical therapists are here to improve your quality of ...
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June 9, 2020|Categories: NJ Sciatica, Oakland Spine News|

Making Debilitating Migraines Go Away

Just about everyone has experienced a headache now and again, whether from stress, as a warning sign of impending illness or something as mundane as missing your morning cups of coffee. They come and they go and are as individualized as the person suffering from them. Headaches are nothing to ...
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May 7, 2020|Categories: NJ Migraines and Headaches Info, Oakland Spine News|

Does Acupuncture Improve Immunity?

Most people not familiar with the intricacies of arthritis assume it is all about the joints. You may know that there are two basic types: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Maybe you even know lupus is often lumped in with arthritis, and all three seem to be associated with joint ...
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April 15, 2020|Categories: NJ Acupuncture Info, Oakland Spine News|

Massage Keeps Stenosis Pain at Bay

You might say massage is an effective way to rub out Spinal stenosis— or at least provide much-needed relief for months at a time. In fact, depending on how advanced the condition is, regular massage sessions may keep all that pain and discomfort at bay for the rest of your ...
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Decompressing Herniated Discs

The discs that run from the bottom of your skull to the lowest part of your lower back have a tough job indeed. They cushion the bony vertebrae of the spine, which, in turn, protects the spinal cord, an information highway that magically transports complex messages from the brain throughout ...
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Five Benefits of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Low back pain can make virtually every waking hour an annoyance, at the very least, and, at times, an ordeal.  You’ve been covering it up with painkillers, and you may, as a last resort, be risking surgery and its associated complications as hope fades for a pain-free future.  Technology has ...
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January 29, 2020|Categories: NJ Laser Therapy Info, Oakland Spine News|
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