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Acupuncture therapy involves the use of ultra-thin needles made from silver and steel alloy. After a patient has been diagnosed and acupuncture has been deemed appropriate, our licensed acupuncturist will map out the points on the patient’s body where the therapeutic needles can be used to effectively restore the body’s natural energy flow. Patients generally feel only a brief sensation when the needles are inserted, and are often surprised at how painless the treatment is. In fact, many patients find acupuncture to be soothing and relaxing.

Acupuncture has become an increasingly popular option for patients who suffer from chronic pain. According to the FDA, Americans receive between 9 and 12 million acupuncture treatments per year – a number that is bound to continue growing, thanks to its safety and effectiveness.

The origins of acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years to ancient China. The Chinese believed that the body’s energy flow, or “qi,” was responsible for keeping the body’s basic functions in proper working order, and that disruptions or imbalances in the body’s natural qi could lead to pain or illness. Through acupuncture, they were able to correct imbalances in the patient’s qi, allowing the body to function optimally.

Oakland Spine & physical therapy provides on-site acupuncture therapy to help patients with a variety of disorders. Our acupuncturists have had extensive training in practicing and coordinating the use of acupuncture and other Eastern modalities to address a host of orthopedic pain and family health related concerns, including:

Acupuncture may even be used to help patients lose weight or quit smoking. To learn more, call Oakland Spine & Physical Therapy to set up a consultation.

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We accept Care Credit

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